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Have we lost the human touch?

As we all increasingly hurtle towards automation, there are many ways we can keep the human touch.

Remember the BT ad from the 90's - Maureen Lipman telling us 'It's good to talk'? Oh how true this was!  Don't we all just sometimes wish we could speak to someone, an actual real-life human being, especially when it comes to dealing with banks or companies who seem to love push-button selections for a department, for you to input your details via keypad, or send a 'link' for you to basically self-serve (how annoying is it when they don't work!!). 

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Covid may have locked us up, but how has it set us free?

I'm one to look on the bright side of everything. And yes, Covid does fall into that category.

True, it has been pretty rough for us all; staying at home for what seems like an eternity, not being able to see friends and family, trying our best to keep our nearest and dearest safe, together with the added stress of homeschooling for many (renewed respect for teachers by the way). Impromptu visits to the local pub, or anywhere socially, seem like a distant memory. 

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Perseverance pays in more ways than one

They say you should pick your battles, and with 25 years experience of lenders, I know which ones to fight.  

Every client I work with receives the same treatment as the others; a relentless pursuit of the best product for them, achieved as quickly as possible, whilst fending off the many arrows that Lenders seem to throw at us these days.  Covid has rendered some Lenders so cautious that even the most simplest of cases goes through interrogation that wouldn't be out of place in a police drama.

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How Lakes Mortgages has adjusted to COVID-19

COVID has certainly changed all our lives and how we work, but these changes have introduced us to a way of working that suits our clients and us far more. In fact, the lockdowns have enabled us to see more clients, with preparation of applications and decisions received also proving to be quicker.

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